Groves Memorial Community Hospital

Our practice attends births at Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Fergus. This is a Level 1+ hospital with fantastic physician and nursing backup. An obstetrician, family doctor, and anaesthetist are on-call 24/7 and nursing staff are available for assistance. Midwifery clients giving birth at Groves have access to obstetric care including vacuum-assisted birth and caesarean birth. The obstetric staff at Groves have a history of excellent working relationships with midwives and we very much enjoy working here!

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Your Guide to Giving Birth at Groves Memorial Community Hospital
This guide is for midwifery clients who are planning a birth at GMCH.

Preparations For a Hospital Birth
Refer to this packing list to ensure you have everything you need for a hospital birth.

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GMCH is a patient-centered facility that offers free parking to patients and their families!



Midwifery Care For Hospital Births

If you are choosing a hospital birth, midwives can offer you a labour assessment at home if this is appropriate for you. This means that a midwife can come to your house to check if you are in labour before you head to the hospital. If you have a history of fast births, it may be better if the midwife meets you right away at the hospital.

If you have a normal birth, and you and your baby are both well, you can choose to go home as early as 3 hours after the birth. This option is available for midwifery clients because midwives can be reached 24/7 by pager for any questions, and a midwife will come to your house within 24 hours of the birth to check on you and your baby. You may also choose to stay in the hospital overnight – some women choose to stay so that they can receive extra one-on-one assistance with breastfeeding.


GMCH1edLabour and Birth Rooms

There are two private labour and birth rooms at Groves. Clients have access to birth stools, balls and squatting bars. Showers are available for use in labour, however there are no tubs.

Approximately 500 babies are born at Groves each year. The hospital generally provides a calm, welcoming atmosphere for labouring women.

Private Postpartum Rooms

The postpartum rooms are all private, with either shared or private bathrooms. There is no additional cost to have a private room. Babies routinely room-in with their mothers. You are encouraged to have a support person stay with you after the birth (there is a pull-out bed in the room for them).



 Medical Pain Relief Options

Options at GMCH include:

  • epidural
  • narcotic medications (ie. fentanyl, etc)
  • nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Physician Backup

Midwives at Groves call in family physicians with advanced training in neonatal resuscitation to attend births when we anticipate that the baby may require additional assistance with breathing at birth. The midwives and family physicians work together to ensure the baby is stable. If a baby requires a higher level of care in a nursery with pediatric back-up then a neonatal transport team will come to pick up the baby and take them to a larger hospital. This happens at approximately 5% of births and arrangements are made for the parents to go to the receiving hospital with the baby.




Respectful, Caring Hospital Staff

The midwives, physicians and nurses at Groves are committed to working as a team to provide you with excellent care. We attend weekly rounds to review cases and discuss current research in perinatal care. Staff participate in MoreOB, a “comprehensive performance improvement program that creates a culture of patient safety in obstetrical units”.





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