Maria1edMaria Radonicich, Practice Administrator

Born in Scotland to Irish and American parents, Maria was raised in a military family and spent her early years moving often.  Her parents settled in North Carolina when she was a young teenager. She was educated as a paralegal and worked for a bankruptcy attorney before the birth of her first child.

It was through her first pregnancy and birth that Maria was introduced to midwifery care. Experiencing midwifery care through two pregnancies led Maria to a life of education and advocacy.  She spent five years advocating for women’s access to midwifery care as one of the founding members of the US based non-profit organization Where’s My Midwife?.  She trained as a childbirth educator during her second pregnancy and began teaching before moving to Ontario. 

Maria’s husband is from Orton, in the Township of Erin, Ontario and in the summer of 2011 they made the big move to the Great White North to raise their family.  She is enjoying life in the country with her husband, two children, dogs, cat and chickens.  Maria looks forward to welcoming you to our clinic with a cup of tea and sharing in the joys of your pregnancy with you.