Prenatal Care

As primary health care providers, midwives can provide all necessary care for healthy pregnant women.
Prenatal care (care during pregnancy) includes regular visits with your midwives and is an important part of keeping yourself and your baby healthy.

prenatalcare1Care During Prenatal Visits

During your prenatal visits, your midwives will:

• check your blood pressure, urine and weight
• assess your baby’s growth and position, and listen to your baby’s heart beat
• discuss screening and diagnostic tests available to you including bloodwork and ultrasounds
• help you form a plan for your pregnancy and birth
• monitor for conditions or pregnancy complications that may necessitate a referral to a specialist
• answer your questions
• refer you to books and community resources for more information

We hope to make your prenatal care experience as pleasant as possible! We want our clients to look forward to every visit.


 Scheduling Visits

We prefer to see clients as early as possible in pregnancy for an initial visit – our goal is to offer you a visit within one week of your first call. This allows you plenty of time to make decisions about screening tests that you may want to do in pregnancy, and identifies any modifications to care that need to begin early in pregnancy. Before your first visit, you will receive an information package about midwifery care from us by email or regular mail. At the first visit, we ask you questions so that we know your health history and any concerns that you may have, and then we decide together if midwifery care is appropriate for you. The first visit usually lasts 1-1.5 hours and subsequent visits usually last 30-60 minutes.

Prenatal Visit Schedule-page001cropWe make every effort to keep our clinic running as scheduled, and try to cover each other’s clinic appointments instead of rescheduling. This may mean you see a different midwife from our practice than you were expecting for an appointment. Occasionally, we may have to reschedule clinic appointments if we are called to a birth. If this happens, we will notify you as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Most lab samples can be taken in our office during your regular visits. This means that you will usually not need to make an extra trip to the lab to do blood or urine tests. The exceptions are IPS bloodwork and the 75-gram glucose test. There is no lab pickup on the weekends or holidays so we cannot take some lab samples during appointments that are late on Friday or on Saturday.


Specialists in Normal Pregnancy

GMCH8edMidwives specialize in caring for women experiencing normal pregnancies and are trained to detect complications that may arise. If you develop a complication during your pregnancy, we will recommend a consultation with an appropriate health care provider. Often this is your family doctor or an obstetrician. If your pregnancy becomes high-risk, we will transfer your care to a specialist and remain in a supportive role. You may continue to have visits with your midwives during your pregnancy and a midwife will attend your birth (unless you need to give birth at a hospital outside of our area).

Midwives are required to follow the “Consultation and Transfer of Care” Standard provided by the College of Midwives of Ontario:

“According to the midwifery model of care, the midwife works in partnership with the client. As a provider of primary healthcare, the midwife is fully responsible for the clinical assessment, planning and delivery of care for each client. The client remains the primary decision-maker regarding her own care, and that of her newborn. Throughout the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum periods, clinical situations may arise in which the midwife will need to initiate involvement of other health care providers in the care of a client or her newborn. According to the requirements of this Standard, she will:
1. Consult with a physician, or the most appropriate available health care provider, or
2. Transfer responsibility for primary care to a physician”

Flexible Care

We are committed to being an accessible, family-centred practice, and offer regular weekday evening and Saturday appointments. We know that some clients are not able to easily leave work to come to regular office hours (particularly clients who are self-employed), and that in some families, partners are only able to attend visits outside of regular business hours. We also offer home visits throughout pregnancy and after birth if you are not able to come into the clinic because of transportation issues.

We welcome family members, including your partner and children, or anyone else who is supporting you, to come to appointments. Please do not bring anyone who is currently ill to your visits (cough, fever or diarrhea).



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