Kind Words

Kind1edI was very impressed with my midwife’s skills and abilities during my labour and birthing. Excellent help in coping with labour pain, keeping me informed and calm, keeping my partner informed, positioning and pushing and newborn care after birth. – M.E.

Throughout my pregnancy and after I felt comfortable asking any questions and felt I was given lots of information on my choices and what to expect. – J.V.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you gave me during my pregnancy and for making my home birth such a success. I couldn’t be happier with the way things went. – M.T.

I didn’t expect labour to be intense so quickly but baby was in a hurry! It was such a relief when my midwife arrived, I felt that I could relax and just focus on labour while she checked on me and made sure everything was ready for the birth. The support we received from our midwives greatly exceeded our expectations. It was so different from having an OB! The midwives answered all my questions and I really felt that they were rooting for us to get the birth experience that we were hoping for. – B.C.

With the attention and support that I received from the Grand Valley Midwives throughout my pregnancy, labour and postpartum it gave me a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I highly recommend to any family to obtain the care of the midwives for all your needs. It truly was a memorable journey for myself and my family. Thank you.- M.M.