Fergus Birth Suite

Our Fergus Birth Suite is located at Unit 2, 855 St. David St North in Fergus.  It is available to any of our clients who are experiencing a low-risk pregnancy and birth.

Benefits of the Birth SuiteBirth Suite 3

  • Large professional-grade birth pools, and walk-in shower available for labour and birth
  • The birth suite is located a 3-minute drive from our referral hospital (Groves)
  • Private, quiet space with hallways to move around during labour
  • Ground-floor entrance and a separate door – easy access and transport to hospital if needed
  • Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is available for pain relief
  • Fridge and microwave, and hot/cold bottled drinking water are available in the birth suite
  • No cost to use the birth suite (even for women without OHIP)

The birth suite is similar to the home birth environment.  Midwives carry a full complement of home birth equipment when attending births at the birth suite.  Clients can choose to labour at the birth suite and move to the hospital for the birth, or labour and birth at the birth suite.  The birth suite is used for women who are in active labour and for up to 3 hours postpartum.

Birth Suite 2Birth Suite 1











Our midwives also offer appointments and classes at the birth suite.  Please contact us for further details.