Second Birth Attendants

Second Birth Attendants are approved by the College of Midwives of Ontario to assist at home births when a second midwife is not present. They have been trained in neonatal resuscitation and CPR, and know how to assist a midwife during a normal birth and in an emergency. 


Maurning Mayzes

Maurning received a BA in Linguistics with a minor in Psychology from the University of Alberta. She quickly learned, via the birth experiences of her first two children, that this was not the area of study that truly interested her. Prior to the birth of her third and youngest child, Maurning became involved in her community as a childbirth educator and doula. Over the past 15 years, as a doula and then as a second birth attendant, Maurning has gained knowledge and experience with a variety of birth settings and caregivers; differing birth scenarios include HBAC, VBAC, twins, caesarean birth, vaginal breech and water birth. As an advocate of woman-centred, choice-based care, Maurning believes in midwifery as a first point of contact for pregnant women. This was demonstrated by her work on prenatal program implementation at Maplehurst Correctional Facility (now Vanier Centre for Women), volunteerism at the Toronto West Detention Centre and recently, involvement with ‘Where’s My Midwife Ontario’. Maurning endeavours to keep current on research, policies and trends surrounding maternity care.