Our Clinic Resources

Our Library

We have an extensive and growing selection of books and DVDs on a wide range of pregnancy, birth and newborn topics that are free for our clients to borrow.

Click HERE to see our online library catalogue.

Breast Pumps

Our practice has two hospital-grade Medela Symphony breast pumps available for clients to borrow free of charge. Pump kits can be purchased from us at cost.
Click HERE for more information about the Symphony pump.

Birth Pools

We currently have professional-grade regular size and mini size pools from Birth Pool in a Box. We lend these pools out (with pumps to inflate the pool and drain the pool) free of charge to clients who are interested in labouring and/or birthing in water at home. Disposable pool liners and hoses are available for purchase at cost. For more information about Birth Pool in Box pools, click HERE. We also have single-use Passages Pools for sale at cost for clients who prefer to keep the pool.

Cloth Diapers

We have a variety of different types, brands and sizes of cloth diapers, and cloth diaper accessories at our clinic. This offers our clients an opportunity to learn how they work by trying them out on a doll. Clients in our rural area find this particularly helpful as many cloth diaper stores are online-only stores or only carry a few brands. Please note that we do not sell cloth diapers, but we do have information about where they can be purchased HERE.
Baby Carriers

Parents can try out our collection of baby carriers and slings so they will know what works best for their baby before they commit to buying their own. A binder with instructions on how to use the carriers is also available.
TENS Machines

Our midwives carry Elle TENS machines with disposable electrodes for use during labour (free of charge). TENS (Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) can be especially useful for clients experiencing back labour.

Breastfeeding Pillows

We keep several popular brands of breastfeeding pillows at the clinic (with waterproof covers), for clients to try out before buying their own (we do not sell them), and to make breastfeeding at our clinic more comfortable during postpartum appointments.

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